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An Entrepreneur Visa for Spain is a long-stay visa, which enables its holder to remain in Spain for more than three months and engage in paid activity. The visa is aimed at:

  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Highly skilled professionals.
  • Researchers.
  • Workers performing inter-company business operations.

The Spanish Entrepreneur Visa permits its holder to live and to work in Spain in their field of expertise. The country favors applicants in professions or with startup ideas in line with the general interest of the Spanish economy.

Spain Entrepreneur Visa Types

Deepening on your occupation and the reason why you are applying for a Spanish entrepreneur visa, you can apply for one of the following:

  • Visa for Entrepreneurs and Business Activities (REM). This is a visa for investors with a concrete business plan, which is in the general economic interest of Spain. A significant capital investment is required.
  • Visa for Highly Skilled Professionals (TAC). This visa is for highly skilled foreigners that have a job offer in Spain in
    • management,
    • highly qualified staff at large businesses/corporates
    • SMEs in strategic sectors.

The visa is issued to graduates and postgraduates from universities and prestigious business schools.

  • Visa for Intra-company transfer (TTI). This visa is for managers and other persons in high positions at a company outside Spain, whom their company wants to transfer to their branch/main office in Spain.
  • Residency Visa for Training or Research (RIN). This visa is for foreigners that want to engage in training, research, development or innovation at a public or private institution in Spain.
  • Visa for Family Members (RFI). This visa is for the family members of persons who hold any of the entrepreneur visa types listed above.

How to Apply for a Spain Entrepreneur Visa?

The steps to apply for a Spain Entrepreneur visa are quite simple. Yet, for these types of visas, a small mistake can cost you a lot. As the procedures, though simple, require a lot of energy, it is for your own good to try your best to get a positive answer on your first application.

The step by step application guide for a Spain Entrepreneur Visa:

Find out whether you are required to apply for a Spain entrepreneur visa

Anyone that meets the eligibility criteria can apply for an Entrepreneur Visa for Spain. However, nationals of EU member countries and the four non-EU Schengen members can move to Spain for such purposes, without this visa.

Please do not confuse the Entrepreneur Visa, for a visa that enables you to travel to Spain for business purposes. If you wish to engage in business-related activities, you should instead apply for a Spanish Schengen visa for business.

Check when is the right time to apply

Apply at most three months before the date of your intended departure to Spain. You are highly to apply one month before the latest.

Find out where you need to file your Spain Entrepreneur Visa application

Most times, such applications should be lodged at a Spanish consulate. Yet, check with for such information when you make the visa appointment.

Select the right entrepreneur visa type

As listed above in this article, select the visa that fits your intention of traveling to Spain most. Note that the application process really depends on the visa type you apply for.

Complete your application file.

This includes the application form and the required documents for a Spain Entrepreneur visa, as listed below:

  • The standard documents required for Spanish visa application: Passport, completed application form, photos, copies of current and older passports and visas.
  • Police certificate. This document should confirm you have not committed any crime in the country or countries where you have resided in the last 5 years.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support yourself. This could be your bank statements, job contract with your employer in Spain, etc.
  • Health Insurance from an authorized provider in Spain. It must cover medical repatriation, evacuation, accidents, emergencies, sanitary assistance etc., with zero deductible and no co-payment.

Requirements according to the Entrepreneur Visa type:

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Investors: A favorable report whi9ch confirms that the business project or the innovative entrepreneurial activities are proved to be of general interest of Spain. This document could be issued by the relevant Economic and Commercial Office of the geographic area or by the Directorate-General for International Trade and Investments.
  • Highly qualified professionals, Intra-company transfer, Training or Research: An authorization of residence issued by the General Directorate of Migration is required. The authorization must have been processed by the Unit for Large Companies and Strategic Economic Sectors by part of the contracting party.
  • Family members: Proof of family relationship with the Entrepreneur Visa holder, as marriage or birth certificate. Note that only the spouse and children under 18 of the visa holder qualify for application.

Make a visa appointment

Through phone or website of the consulate or visa application center, deepening how Spain has regulated this issue in your country of residence.

Attend the interview

On the day of your interview, show up on time. The interview is a meeting between you and the visa officer. You will be submitting the documents you have collected, paying the fee, and answering to the questions of the consular.


After You Arrive in Spain

Upon arrival in Spain, you have one month to get a tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (TIE), which means Foreigner Identity Card.

You should apply for a Foreigner Identity Card within one month of arrival in Spain, at the Foreigners Office in the area where you have settled.  You will need your passport with the Spanish visa in it, three photos, and proof of payment of the corresponding fee.

Spain Entrepreneur Visa Fees

To apply for a Spain Entrepreneur Visa you will need to pay some certain Spanish visa fees. The fees differ according to the nationality of the applicant, since there are different fees for US and Canadian nationals, due to reciprocity measures.

Find these fees listed following:

  • Citizens of the United States need to pay €167 for an Entrepreneur Visa.
  • Citizens of Canada need to pay a fee of €100 for this visa.
  • Citizens of the rest of the world countries need to pay a fee of only €80.

Spain Entrepreneur Visa Validity

A Spain Entrepreneur visa is valid for one year.  While it is valid, you can apply for a residence permit that is valid for two years and it is renewable. You will need to apply to renew it before its expiration.

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